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Keep your real inbox clean and secure by using our Temporary Email Service. TempMail.run gives you a free disposable 10-minute email address that will prevent advertisements, malware and spam from filling your inbox when singing up for any website online. .

What is temporary mail address?

With so many websites requiring an email address from users to access their services, it comes to no surprise that some may be using them for malicious purposes or to push tons of ads. That is why a temporary email address is an essential tool for browsing the internet since it allows you to register for any website without getting your personal inbox filled with junk.

If you are not certain about a website's credibility or trustworthiness, using a temporary email address will guarantee your privacy while browsing and will keep your mind at ease.

TempMail.Run What does it do?

TempMail.run - is a free service that allows the user to receive emails stored on a temporary address that will self-destruct after a certain amount of time. You might be thinking that you have seen such a service before, but ours is different since it provides the unique feature of being able to recover your email address at any time for free as well as the ability to extend the life spam of the email to an indefinite amount with the click of a single button!

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